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Healios/Sakurios/Rosélios – Review

Absolute end-game for silent switches, perfect for a polycarbonate build!

There is not a lot of room for negativity on the Rosélios/Healios switch: it’s quiet, it’s smooth, and it’s pretty. Zeal has conducted vast amounts of R&D on each of his switches for them to be the quality that they are, and it shows. Currently running in my Aanzee, the Rosélios is the quietest switch that I’ve had the chance to use, with excellent smoothness to boot. The only downside is the high price per-switch, and this can deter a number of people from trying them out, especially foreign buyers dealing with currency conversion. Then again, some things are worth the expenditure, and I would say this certainly is.

two weights – 62G/67G
Various Colours

Top-of-the-line silent switch

Very smooth both stock and lubed

Beautiful stem colours, especially the Sakurios/Rosélios variants

Perfect for stabilizer/spacebar keys

Little-to-no stem wobble due to clear Gateron housing


Highest cost on a single switch available from a vendor


Whether you’re using 3204, 205g0, another Krytox variant, or a custom mix like Zeal’s GHV4, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the quiet thock of Healios, Sakurios, and Rosélios.

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