Cupid65 Keyboard

Elevate your typing journey with the Cupid65 and embrace the opportunity to infuse a touch of Greek mythology into your fingertips.

Note: In order to reduce turnaround time as much as possible, our stock for keyboards and wrist rests are limited, as they have already been manufactured. They will then ship to our forwarder shortly after the group buy ends.

  • Group Buy Duration – September 5 – October 5, 2023.
  • Estimated Shipping Date – Q4 2023.
  • Keyboard Size – 65% (6.5° angle).
  • Mounting Method – Gasket Mount.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Chaosera’s Cupid65 is a stunning addition to the realm of mechanical keyboards. Inspired by Greek mythology, the Cupid65 is a meticulously-designed 65% layout kit embodies the spirit of Cupid, the adorable and mischievous cherub. With its elegant curves and vibrant color selection, the Cupid65 captures the whimsical charm of this legendary character.

Building upon the success of their Hercules 80 and EU 75, Chaosera have seamlessly blended artistry and functionality to deliver an exceptional typing experience that sparks creativity and passion. This includes the beautiful wrist rest they’ve designed to match the board! Using the same aluminum and titanium seen in the keyboard itself, the wrist rest features an engraved titanium plate that cannot possibly be missed!

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Group Buy Information

As this is a Group Buy there are no refunds or modifications available once the GB has closed. Please make sure you consider this before joining. This a pre-order for this keyboard. This keyboard will be manufactured after the GB period. If you join this GB, you’ll receive the keyboard after production is completed in approximately Q4 2023/Q1 2024. Please do not add in-stock items, or items from other group buys to this order. All in-stock items added to orders will be cancelled from that order and refunded.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 5 cm

Keyboard, Wrist Rest


Moonlight Silver (Anodized), Heartseeker (Anodized), Lavender Purple (Anodized), Deep Ocean Blue (Anodized), Agate Green (Anodized), Strawberry Milkshake Pink (E-Coated), Minty Seabreeze (E-Coated), Almond White (E-Coated), Cupid HE (E-Coated), Grapefruit Soda Orange (Powdercoated), Banana Milkshake Yellow (Powdercoated)

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