EVO70 R2 Keyboard

EVO70 R2 is a feature-packed 70% board from customMK! With a rotary encoder, integrated display, real-time clock, and even an ambient temperature sensor, the EVO70 has the potential to be much more than a simple keyboard!

  • Group Buy Duration – January 10 – January 31, 2023.
  • Estimated Shipping Date – Q3 2023.
  • Keyboard Profile – 70% (6° Slope).
  • Mounting Method – Integrated Plate-Mount.

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EVO70 R2 is the new and improved version of the feature-packed EVO70 from customMK! Like its predecessor, the EVO70 R2 has programmable lighting and a rotary encoder with an included 20mm knob, but has had its design revised for a more screwless appearance, and has added several new features such as integrated memory, a real-time clock, a simple digital speaker, and an ambient temperature sensor. Additionally, a variety of new options have been introduced for R2, including a choice between an ANSI or ISO layout, monochrome OLED or colour LCD screen, and a low or high-profile case!

Like R1, the EVO70 R2 has a plate integrated into the top housing of the case, which is available in FR4 or aluminum. Separating the plate and the base of the board is a translucent acrylic diffuser that lets the light of the PCB’s LEDs shine through, with an all-aluminum case available for those who prefer a more opaque design. The Kailh hotswap PCB has a USB-C connector built in, and features a small screen in your choice of monochrome OLED and colour LCD, as well as both RGB underglow and white per-key LEDs. Finally, the EVO70 is fully programmable, with integrated QMK and VIA support for both the PCB and the rotary encoder!

Canadian group buy customers will receive a complimentary 2025/2032 coin cell battery to power the real-time clock even when the board is unplugged. Ashkeebs is unable to include this complimentary battery with international orders due to customs restrictions surrounding lithium batteries, and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Check out the extra parts on offer for the EVO70 R2!



Canada: You are here!
US: customMK
PH/SEA: Zion Studios

Group Buy Information

As this is a Group Buy there are no refunds available once the GB has closed. Please make sure you consider this before joining. This a pre-order for this keyboard. This set will be manufactured after the GB period. If you join this GB, you’ll receive the keyboard after production is completed in approximately Q3 2023. Please do not add in-stock items, or items from other group buys to this order. All in-stock items added to orders will be cancelled from that order and refunded. Any orders with different group buy projects combined will be cancelled and refunded. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 17.5 × 8.5 cm

FR4/Acrylic (Black, low-profile), FR4/Acrylic (White, low-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (Ano Black, low-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (Ano Black, high-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (Ano Blue, low-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (Ano Blue, high-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (E-White, low-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (E-White, high-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (E-Lilac, low-profile), Aluminum/Acrylic (E-Lilac, high-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (Ano Black, low-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (Ano Black, high-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (Ano Blue, low-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (Ano Blue, high-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (E-White, low-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (E-White, high-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (E-Lilac, low-profile), Aluminum/Aluminum (E-Lilac, high-profile)

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