SA Maestro Deskmats (Extras)

SA Maestro is a boisterous encore to the performance put on by its GMK predecessor! Featuring strikingly different designs from HungHingDailo and 1st Garden!

  • Thickness – 4mm.
  • Size – 900mm x 400mm.

CAD $32.00

Categories: SKU: AK-SA-MSTRO-DM


For those that missed out on GMK Maestro or preferred a different profile, not to worry: HungHingDaiLo is here to deliver SA Maestro! The set is inspired from his love for vintage classic & grand pianos, as well as classical music composed by world-class famous maestros, such as J.S. Bach.

HungHingDaiLo has also designed the Nocturne deskmat designed to match the scales of a music sheet, and featured again is one of our favourite deskmat designers: 1stGarden, with the beautifully designed Provare deskmat!

Check out the keycaps that are being offered as well! 

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Nocturne, Provare

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