Auralite Linear Switches

Ashkeebs’ linear switch debut, the Auralite switches, are here! Featuring PME opaque housing with our logo on the top housing, POM long-pole stem, and double-extension spring for an even, snappy keypress!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Linear.
  • Spring Weight – 63g.
  • Switch Material – PME housing, POM stem.
  • Manufacturer – Tecsee.

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We couldn’t be more excited to announce one of two parts of our first switch collection release: the Auralite linear switch! They feature three colours taken from our logo, with a two-tone purple and lavender body and a light pink stem, a gradient which is also frequently shared by the switch’s namesake gem. The Auralite switches feature a long stem pole which makes for a satisfying, clacky bottom-out, and the double-extension spring allows for a snappy stem return and creates an even feeling during compression.

Photos taken by the wonderful Sterling & Co. Photography!

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Canada/USA: You are here!
USA: Bolsa Keyboard Supply
SEA: Zion Studios


Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm

2 reviews for Auralite Linear Switches

  1. caseydflores

    I got these for my first build and didn’t expect for it to be a good switch from all the youtube reviews I was watching. Although it did have a little bit of scratch after lubing, it’s nothing too big at all and still sounds really nice and thocky with the right build. I was pretty satisfied when they got here because none of the pins were bent or broken or anything and my experience with these switches was really good.

  2. Kye (verified owner)

    Personally, these have become one of my favourite switches!

    They’re a bit scratchy stock, but I’ve always been someone who lubes there switches regardless, so once the lube was added, the scratch went away. I’ve been using these in a Mammoth75, and the best way to describe the sound is like popping popcorn that’s super buttery. They have a great thock to them, and a really nice pop on both the up and down stroke. The long spring makes the weight feel very even throughout the press, and could honestly be used stock if you don’t want to lube them. Such minimal ping, but when you add some lube, it goes away easily.

    Would definitely order another batch for future builds!

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