Gateron Oil King Linear Switches

Gateron Oil King switches utilize Gateron’s growing array of fantastic plastic materials to provide a super smooth feel and clacky sound signature. These all-black switches also feature a long 20mm black spring to allow for a wider array of users to enjoy their typing experience.

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Linear.
  • Spring Weight – 55g actuation, 65g bottom-out.
  • Material – Nylon PA66 top housing, Ink bottom housing, POM stem.
  • Manufacturer – Gateron.

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Gateron Oil King linear switches are a phenomenal addition to Gateron’s switch repertoire – offering a super smooth, thocky keypress with consistently applied factory lube to help avoid spring ping and unnecessary friction. Similar to the Gateron CJ switches, the Oil Kings implement the proprietary Ink housing material blend, but this time for the bottom housing. The top housing is instead using a PA66 Nylon plastic, which, in conjunction with the POM stem, results in an impressively smooth keypress from actuation to upstroke. The stem tolerances in the top housing are also fantastic, with only a very slight amount of wobble, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can help prevent possible stem binding on the top housing on the upstroke.

Gateron has also been experimenting with different spring lengths, and the Oil Kings feature a matching 20mm black spring allowing for the light actuation and heavy bottom-out weights.

For those that prefer to be able to buy switches, install them straight into their board, and type on will be more than satisfied with Gateron Oil Kings!

Photos taken by the wonderful Captain.Sterling!

Typing Test

Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm

2 reviews for Gateron Oil King Linear Switches

  1. jimmytran0317

    Let’s just say, these are amazing. The gateron oil kings came in about a week. Shipping was a little hefty, but I live in the states so that’s to be expected for international shipping. Regardless, the packaging left more to be desired regarding lacking protective components, e.g., no bubble wrap or anything to protect the switches, but that was no issue has I had no bent pins upon arrival. The delivery was above a week’s time, faster than AliExpress, and the various updates along the way when opting for the Canadian postal service updates or the USPS/UPS updates were accurate and timely. I also bought CJ’s alongside these switches and all 30 for each came in discreet in bags, a AK sticker, and thank you note.

    The switches are incredibly smooth and deep sound signature as promised. I hardly had any scratchy feeling at all, and on top of that, there was not a single dead switch. The only draw backs that I may share are that the factory lubing isn’t really consistent and that it’s very sparse (only being apparent on the sliding parts of the stem and absent everywhere else). The CJ’s are also much more smooth compared to the oil kings, but not by too much of a margin. For enthusiasts unlike myself who prefer a much deeper, “thocky,” sound, these are second to none in terms of linear switches in my gracious opinion. I highly recommend buying from Ashkeebs as this was my first experience with them, and they delivered and more.

    TLDR; Buy this switch and buy from Ashkeebs. Hefty shipping if from US, but overall price after shipping is much better compared to sites such as AliExpress, KBDFans, etc. Great overall experience, and looking forward to more products from Ashkeebs.

  2. ZedTed

    Edit: another con to look for is the lack of light distribution from RGB due to the structure of the keycap. In order to garner smoothness and sound signature, a trade off of little to no RGB is necessary. So if you’re looking for a good sound + smoothness but want RGB, this isn’t for you

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