Hera Linear Switches

From Moyu.Studio comes their third Greek mythology installment: Hera Linear Switches! These beauts use a custom housing blend and an LY stem to provide an amazingly smooth linear keypress completely stock with no factory lube!

Switches come bundled in groups of 10.

  • Switch Type – Linear.
  • Spring Weight – 48g/60g.
  • Material – Custom milky housing, LY Stem.
  • Manufacturer – JWK.

USD $ 5.80
$ 4.64

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While not our first time working with Moyu.Studio, the Hera Linear Switches are the first switch of theirs we’re carrying, and they coincidentally line up extremely well with our brand colours! Each year they’ve released a switch based off of a Greek god, and this year focuses on Hera, the goddess of marriage, women, and family, as well as the Queen of the Gods, being mother to many of the Greek pantheon.

There are two variants of the Hera Linear Switches: a 48g spring and a 60g spring! Both are three-stage gold-plated springs for a super snappy return, even on the lighter springs. Their housing uses the new Durock/JWK housing mould and a custom blend of plastic materials to achieve the milky, translucent effect, and are accompanied by a super smooth LY longpole stem. This combo results in an incredibly smooth linear keypress that one would really have to try and purposefully seek out points of friction as even pressing the stem against the housing in multiple directions and pushing it down resulted in a smooth keypress with no issues. And more impressive yet, there’s no factory lube on them!

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Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm
Spring Weight

48g, 60g


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