SA Espresso (Extras)

SA Espresso, a keycap set inspired by the rich colors of an espresso, from the dark brown of coffee beans to the caramel-like layer of crema that rises to the top of a perfect shot.

  • Material – ABS.
  • Manufacturer – Signature Plastics.

USD $ 29.00$ 100.00



SA Espresso does a phenomenal job capturing the beauty of an espresso’s gradient, with the surrounding coffee-coloured mods drawing your eyes inwards. JPoc’s use of colours allows for the set to shine on a variety of board colours, and alongside SA’s flexible kitting will make it easy for people to mix and match with multiple boards and layouts. It’s a set that makes people want to buy it, even those who normally aren’t interested in the SA profile nor brown colours, and if you’re a coffee lover then this is one you can’t miss out on!

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Alphas, TKL, Specialties, Numpad, ISO, Novelties, 40s, NorDe, Spacebars, Ergo, THOK Keycap, Deskmat


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