T9 Keyboard Parts

  • Group Buy Duration – May 9 – 31, 2024.
  • Estimated Shipping Date – Q4 2024.
  • Keyboard Size – TKL XT.
  • Mounting Method – Bottom.

USD $ 25.00$ 80.00

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The T9 Keyboard from our good friends at Deadline Studio is a foray into a larger form factor keyboard after designing the small Phase One and TPS40 after being driven to create a larger keycap display, as Deadline was frustrated at having less space for their numerous personalized keycaps and artisans. After delving into historical keyboards for inspiration, they came across the Texas Instruments Ti99 4/A, sensing a unique presence amongst the design, especially it’s capability to accommodate various modules and the story of its creation.

After confirming the aesthetic inspiration, Deadline began arranging the layout according to modern standards while adjusting the proportions and angles of each element. This was done to ensure that the outline and lines would meet modern aesthetic preferences while still maintaining a retro visual style. This includes the implementation of bottom mounting, a massive 6000mAh battery, hotswap and solder PCBs, and a selection of keyframe front panels to change up the variety of the 60% and nav cluster sections.

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Group Buy Disclaimer

As this is a Group Buy there are no refunds or modifications available once the GB has closed. Please make sure you consider this before joining. This a group buy for this keyboard. This keyboard will be manufactured after the GB period. If you join this GB, you’ll receive the keyboard after production is completed in approximately Q4 2024. Any orders with different group buy projects combined will be cancelled and refunded. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.

Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 10 cm

Left Keyframe – A1, Left Keyframe – A2, Left Keyframe – A3, Left Keyframe – A4, Right Keyframe – B1, Right Keyframe – B2, Right Keyframe – B3, PCB – Hotswap, PCB – Solder + Assistant Plate, Plate – Hotswap Alu, Plate – Hotswap PC, Half-Plate – Alu Black, Half-Plate – Alu Silver, Full Plate – Alu Black, Full Plate – Alu Silver

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