TMT TAHO Keycaps

Treat yourself with TAHO, a sweet set of caramel and cream coloured keycaps from TomatoCaps.

  • Material – PBT.
  • Manufacturer – TMT.

USD $ 23.00$ 90.00

Categories: SKU: AK-TMT-TAHO


Based on the eponymous Filipino dessert, TMT TAHO takes its colouration from the silken tofu, sweet syrup, and tapioca pearls that comprise the tasty treat, ushering in images of streetside vendors announcing it by name. The soft cream and coffee tones of the base kit are complimented by the darker browns of tapioca, and the accent kits – styled after the ube and strawberry taho commonly found in the northern Philippines –  add a splash of colour with their yam purple and berry pink hue.

TMT TAHO has a variety of kits available, including two base kits, both of which feature an Alice B, ISO enter, and Baybayin sublegends! Alternate alphas with blank sublegends and a coffee brown colour, novelties that evoke taho’s status as a popular street food, spacebar kits in a variety of colours, and the aformentioned ube and strawberry accents round out the set’s offerings, giving you a plethora of options with which to put your own spin on this iconic dessert!

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm

Base Kit – TAHO, Base Kit – SAGO, Alt. Alphas – ARNIBAL, Novelties – TAHOOOO!, Numpad, Spacebars – TAHO, Spacebars – SAGO, Spacebars – ARNIBAL, Accents – UBE, Accents – STRAWBERRY


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