December 4, 2020

Major updates for December 4, 2020

December 4, 2020

General Updates

Worldwide Shipping

For those that have been requesting it (and those that haven’t), we’ve finally added worldwide shipping! If you happen to notice any errors, please be sure to notify the staff via a ticket or through Discord and we’ll be sure to help!

Product Update

Branded Switch Pullers!

The folks over at TX Keyboards have been kind enough to engrave our new logo onto the Switch Slider Pickers that were previously sold, and all of the future slider pickers sold through us will have our logo on it! Unfortunately, they weren’t able to produce them in another colour, but this is pretty special so we’re more than happy with it.

Gateron Milky Yellows and Milky-Top Blacks Incoming

An order has been placed for a large stock of Gateron Yellows (full milky housing) and Blacks (black bottom, milky top). It was high time that more switches were sold in-stock, and having an affordable option for our customers was paramount. We’ve got other switches coming in, including Gazzew’s new silent linears, and plans in early 2021 to collaborate with some other vendors to have their switches stocked here as well. We’re working on our own behind the scenes and deciding who the best manufacturer will be for what we’re looking for, and more updates will be presented as they come.

Upcoming Projects

GMK Alpine

Bregoli wanted to honour a beautiful natural landmark of his home country of Switzerland, and thus designed GMK Alpine to share the love of the Swiss Alps! The Esc key is the famous Matterhorn, and the Enter key is from “Berner Oberland”: Eiger – Mönch – Jungfrau.

GMK Alpine is available from December 1st, 2020 to January 12th, 2021!

Geekhack Thread

Ongoing Projects

GMK Fundamentals – Tomorrow is the last day for Fundamentals! We joined in late due to a change in Canadian vendors, but the support for the set has certainly come through! All kits will be made!

DSA Magic Girl R2 – Today is the last day to join in, don’t miss out on one of the most popular sets of 2020!

Infinikey Morse – Today is also the last day to join IFK Morse; this is the first set to use morse legends and sublegends!

Infinikey Port – Manufacturing is being finalized, and soon after all kits will be sent to vendors. Final versions have been sent to me, and photos have been uploaded to Discord. SwitchKeys will be uploading photos in various lighting and environments as well.

Infinikey Blacklight – Groupbuy completed, awaiting production.

KAT Napoleonic – Groupbuy ending December 9th; definitely one of the most ambitious KAT sets I’ve ever seen or worked on!

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